RUMM was conceived in 2001 as the result of work undertaken at the University of Glamorgan on student attendance monitoring. The then new mobile phone technology was employed to record student attendance for EU funded projects that required proof of engagement.

We developed registers, or time sheets, that were electronic and could be viewed remotely. A system was developed that populated attendance to a remote data base. The solution obviated the need for an extensive hardwiring infrastructure. As one of the academics involved in this development had been an energy mananger in industry then it was inevitable for a “what if” leap to be made to apply this technology to individual utilty meters so that consumption could be remotely gathered, stored and analysed.

It was well known that there was a shortage of energy management expertise available to industry and that energy costs were rising sharply and energy related legislation had began to grow considerably. Further, studies had shown that 50% of energy managers had been in post for less than 2 years. Energy management did not represent a long term attractive career path. There was an addage that “a good energy manager should do themselves out of a job within 3 years”.

Thus given this unstable scenario of a skill shortage and an increase in specialist demand, the question arose – “could industrial energy management be better served as an outsourced professional service?” Proof of concept funding was secured to explore the question posed in 2001. This was followed by four years research in developing the technology / methodology and successfully trialling it in various sectors. After this market investigation it was clear that there was a place for professional service providers utilising remote technology in the energy management sector.

RUMM Ltd was created in 2005.