Aviation Company

The Client

This Aviation Company is amongst the world’s leading producers of large and small jet engines for military and commercial aircraft. In addition they supply aircraft derived engines for marine applications and provide aviation services.

The Brief

The site in South Wales faced an annual energy bill of £1.2m and RUMM was asked to investigate energy usage across the site in order to understand the total consumption picture and identify those areas where improvements could be made. To provide the infrastructure for sustainable energy savings and work with the client to deliver savings.

The Method

RUMM split the site into 5 areas and installed a sub-metering aM&T system comprising of 32 meters. Initial data analysis identified that the base load of electricity was around 1MW, with several area highlighted as targets for energy reduction measures. RUMM provided the resource to oversee and implement projects such as:
• Variable speed drives in the site cleaning bay extraction system, resulting in a 28% decrease in energy consumption.
• A new lighting and control scheme which worked in accordance with daylight and occupancy saved a further 6%.
• Improved temperature control of a large chilling circuit and the addition of a timer control system also added a further 24% to the savings.
• The air compressor system was also identified as an area where energy was being wasted. Leaks were repaired, pressure reduced and a smaller compressor installed and advanced fault finding discovered air leaks. Once these were fixed, pressure was reduced and a smaller compressor installed the combined measure of which saved an additional 30%.
Buoyed by the results of the electricity savings, the site engaged RUMM to install additional metering and provide the support to obtain similar reductions in gas usage and expenditure.

The Results

Energy savings have increased year on year since the Partnership with RUMM, 6 years into the Partnership the site is now consuming around 30 % less energy than when the relationship began despite there now being greater production throughput.

Why it Worked

Splitting the site into 5 key areas and then installing a sub-metering system allowed the RUMM and on-site energy teams to clearly identify those areas where energy consumption was highest. RUMM brought additional resource and energy expertise to an already stretched team.
This targeted approach meant energy reduction measures could be very specific and easily benchmarked to ascertain their success.

“The service that RUMM provides is not just a contract; they also form personal relationships with the client. It’s very much a working partnership, which sometimes goes above and beyond the contract”

— Environmental Manager