Monier Group

The Client

The Monier Group is the leading worldwide supplier of roofing materials for pitched roofs, and roof and chimney systems. They pride themselves on offering a quality service and products that express style and create value.

The Brief

RUMM was asked to investigate energy usage at Monier’s Redland site in Rassau, with a view to reducing energy consumption by 10%.

The Method

RUMM worked closely with the client to fully understand the brief and the competing cost and environmental ambitions. An automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) system was installed at the site that could be utilised to deliver the brief.

Working closely with the Plant Manager and the on-site engineers, regular energy meetings were held to discuss the data analysis results provided by RUMM’s software.

Data clearly showed that energy was being used ineffectively on the tile presses. The T300 Press provided an easy savings route as it was being unnecessarily left on over the weekends when not in use.

Examining the timing sequences of the additional 20 presses revealed that they were being switched on too early and for too long. Several new timing sequences were proposed and tested to see which would be the most effective.

The Results

The timing of when the presses came on, and by starting them 2 hours later still allowed them to reach the required temperature but equated to an annual energy saving of nearly 10% of the total site use. All this with no additional investment or equipment required. Further investigation indicated that improving the insulation on the presses reduced the heating time even more and generated additional savings.

Why it Worked

The comprehensive aM&T system provided invaluable data which RUMM was able to analyse and clearly identify areas where savings could be made. Working closely with the Plant Manager meant an effective team approach could be applied in order to generate immediate savings and that product quality would not be compromised.