Legislation – How can we help?

With a wide range of environmental legislation now in place to reduce carbon emissions, dealing with the measuring and reporting of your carbon footprint can be daunting.

Help is at hand with RUMM.

Whether it is purely consultation, data reporting, or the full implementation of an energy management scheme in order to reduce emissions, RUMM can provide guidance, support and solutions to deal with the impact of legislation and standards upon your organisation.

The service covers CRC, EU ETS, CCL, Carbon Trust Standard, ISO and BS EN standards.

RUMM’S help includes:

  • expert advice
  • preparation of an assessment to highlight your exposure to legislation and standards
  • assistance in completing your registrations and all other documentation
  • assurance you will have full compliance to relevant schemes
  • quantification of the financial impacts for your organisation
  • monitoring and recording of your energy use and carbon emissions throughout the year
  • collation of your emissions data
  • provision of any evidence packs
  • support through audits
  • forecasting of your annual emissions
  • creation or refinement of your carbon and energy strategy
  • tailored recommendations on how to reduce your energy and carbon usage and how to implement them
  • optimisation of your position in the CRC league tables to reduce your emissions allowance bills

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