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  • 20th Aug 2019

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Energy matters: How to gain a commercial advantage with behaviour change

The topic of energy efficiency has been around for decades, but few have successfully tackled and changed the behaviour of those people who occupy the buildings.
Dave Horton, Energy specialist, and Phil Griffiths, Low Carbon Psychologist from npower Business Solutions, share their knowledge and experience in behavioural change and how it can affect the bottom line. Behaviour change can be as part of a series of integrated measures to deliver real, measurable reductions in energy consumption, costs and carbon, which can be translated to Board level to prove the essential role sustainability plays in a competitive business.

Behaviour change offers a low-cost solution to energy efficiency. Behaviour is visible, measurable and specialists are able to influence behaviour in order to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which in this case are energy usage / carbon reduction.

Watch the recording of the webinar to find out how to conduct behaviour change and decide which behaviour project you should choose to action.

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