This is RUMM’s technology that has been developed to overcome problems that were prevalent in other technologies and ensures that monitoring of all meters is achieved and that data from other sources (production, temperature, speed etc.) can be collected for transmission to remote servers.

It is deployed as the local data collection unit working off the metering infrastructure. PULSE is based on a very robust architecture to deliver its data to IBASS.

The RUMM PULSE provides IBASS its data.

RUMM PULSE 2 –  Launched into the market in April 2014, PULSE 2  takes the core functionality of PULSE to the next level with an enhanced operating system and network capability with remote diagnostics. RUMM’S solution offers all meter types for data integration and protocols to help protect the customer investment if meters are already installed. PULSE 2 provides control capability too, to switch off devices accordingly if certain parameters are met. PULSE 2 is able to apply complex formulas to switch outputs off or on.

PULSE 2 has the capability to provide a control feedback loop to switch off, or on, relays and or transistors. It’s an improvement on the original RUMM PULSE whilst at the same time maintains the benefits of the original product.

RUMM PULSE 2 DCS Diagram 300x199 PULSE

The new PULSE 2 hardware is comprised of a Mitsubishi Q-series PLC and Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen allowing for longevity  parts and support from a reputable and established manufacturer.

The system facilitates the collection of multi-parameter smart meter data on various communication protocols including Modbus, Profibus and Ethernet. The system has been designed to allow for the easy integration of new meter types and protocols as the sub-metering market develops.

Utility consumption data is sent to the RUMM Microsoft SQL database servers utilising Mitsubishi’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and secure 3G/WAN transmission. In the case of 3G/Internet outage the RUMM PULSE2 system can buffer months of consumption data on SDRAM allowing for continuity of historical consumption information.

PULSE2 allows for complete remote configuration avoiding unnecessary maintenance visits for any software updates or necessary alterations.