How Can We Help You?

Outlined below is the broad outline of how RUMM can help you.  There are more details to be found throughout our website but we are very happy to talk you through what we offer and whether our offering is something for you.  Please contact us if you would like to talk this through :

If you are a commercial or industrial consumer with an annual energy spend of more than £250k then we can help you understand the costs, legislation and opportunities for cost and energy reductions open to you.  Moreover we are here to help you deliver real energy and cost reductions and, for a lot of organisations, represent the best energy management option as we bring expertise and people to your site to help.

With our FREE initial assessment we can help answer the following questions for you:

Are you paying too much for your energy?
If you provide us with some of your consumption details of your utilities we will give you a free estimate of what you could be paying and let you know how much you might be able to save

Are you legal?
Legislation is growing and becoming more complex.  With a little input from you we can let you know which legislation applies to you and wheher you are complying

Are you using too much energy?
Based upon your energy use and the sector and/or buildings that you are working in we can provide you with a consumption estimate.

A free Energy Assessment?
Providing us with your annual energy cost and consumption data will give us enough information to estimate:

  1. How much energy you should be able to save yourself
  2. The range of savings you would achieve working with RUMM

If the information that we provide for you is sufficiently interesting then we can visit your organisation to discuss how the RUMM services would best suit your needs.  If you (and RUMM) are convinced that energy saving opportunity exists then the next stage of engagement is the CAP:

CAP – a Comprehensive site Audit and Plan that will provide the following:

  1. A specification and cost of the most appropriate site metering infrastructure that may incorporate existing meters and collection technology; and is capable of providing sufficient information to generate savings, legal compliance and utility bill validation
  2. A prioritised list of potential energy saving projects with typical ROI (Cap Ex costs and associated savings)
  3. Data analysis of your existing ½ hourly utility supply data using RUMM software demonstrating how monitoring analysis can highlight saving opportunity at your site
  4. An indication of what you could save if you undertook to do the energy management yourself
  5. A business case outlining your savings over 5 years in partnership with RUMM including a 2 year cash flow analysis and capital spend requirement
  6. A financial model to fund a 5 year programme if  the business requires external funding

The final stage is to implement the plan which is a 5 year contract period.

This is where RUMM brings its expertise and resources to deliver the savings identified.  RUMM will provide a full energy management service which includes:

  • Energy Procurement
  • The installation of a metering infrastructure by our engineers
  • Utilising RUMM web based technology to capture consumption profiles for analysis
  • Allocating a dedicated RUMM Energy Manager to manage the energy management savings programme with you
  • Project managing energy savings initiatives on your behalf
  • Formally reporting savings against the plan to ensure the business plan is met

There are more details of these individual points within the website. However, if you prefer why not give us call and we can take you through the process or come to your site to better understand your needs.