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  • 17th Sep 2014

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RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary

Mettis Aerospace has been a leading global manufacturer of precision-forged components across the aerospace industry since the 1930’s. Today, the majority of commercial aerospace programmes feature Mettis forgings and it’s forging expertise is recognised around the world. Mettis is a valuable supplier to industry giants such as Rolls Royce, Airbus & Boeing. In April 1999 the business was awarded The Queens Award for Export Achievement.


To mark their 75th anniversary, Mettis Aersopace held an open day at their site in Redditch and RUMM were delighted to be one of the main sponsors for this event.


RUMM recently signed a long term Energy Management contract with Mettis Aerospace which included extensive sub metering of gas, electricity, compressed air, water & effluent across the site. The automatic Monitoring & Targeting system using RUMM’s proprietary technologies (PULSE & IBASS) with advanced data analysis was deployed to identify areas for savings. RUMM’s Energy Management Services (EMS) was also embedded into the business to drive out the savings for Mettis.


Phil Taylor, CFO commented “ The forging process consumes a significant amount of power and to reduce both our costs and carbon foot print we engaged RUMM as energy management consultants. We were delighted that RUMM were one of the major sponsors of our 75th anniversary celebrations


Jamie Watkins, RUMM’s Sales Director commented “It was a pleasure to support such a big event in their history. It could clearly be seen onsite on the day that there was a huge amount of pride & passion from such a long standing employer to the area and what a fantastic turn out too. We look forward to continuing to partner with Mettis to deliver long term sustainable savings


photo4 300x225 RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary photo3 300x225 RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary photo2 300x225 RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary photo1 300x225 RUMM Sponsors Mettis Aerospace 75th Anniversary

RUMM Opens New North American Office

RUMM is delighted to announce the establishment of its new North American office based in Florida.

The creation of this office is in-line with the business strategic plan to search for a larger customer base and explore opportunities to license RUMM’s brand overseas.  RUMM’s brand will be offered through a license distribution agreement and the RUMM USA office will have exclusive rights to offer RUMM’s specialist energy management services and products.

This development marks an exciting time for RUMM and there is great potential for its energy saving products and services that have been developed and tested for more than 10 years in the UK market to achieve considerable cost and carbon savings in the vast manufacturing US sector where the energy management market is beginning to develop strongly.

The Vice-President of the RUMM USA office is Tony Dalby. He is a successful business man with many years experience in the manufacturing sector and is excited by the prospect of building a thriving business that will address the growing demands on industry to control costs and environmental impact of their activity.


RUMM USA 300x200 RUMM Opens New North American Office


Please see more information below

RUMM – Your Best Energy Management Option

RUMM’s technology portfolio comprises data collection, visualisation, reporting, alarming and dashboards/KPI’s across a range of customers and sectors. We have the technologies to service both the industrial and commercial space however large or small the site. RUMM are confident we can provide a cost effective solution every time.

We have created a short video to help understand how it all fits together. We hope you like it.

Your Best Energy Management Toolkit Launched – IBASS 5

RUMM has launched the latest update to its energy management software – IBASS 5

The aim was to create the best energy software in the sector and to have the functionality needed for energy management.  The software was demonstrated and evaluated to an invited audience of partners and customers in July 2014 and received some very favourable reviews.


The latest upgrade represents a significant investment for RUMM.  The functional requirements were specified from the requirements that our Energy Management team have experienced from our customers.  The resulting software has features and functions designed for the industrial/commercial consumer user to save significant energy and costs.  As well as being compatible with all mobile devises there is the capability to undertake forecasting and advanced analysis.

To find out if our newest offering represents the best management toolkit for you why not contact us for a demonstration?

Don’t leave your energy saving measures half finished

By Andrew Diplock, Managing Director, UES Energy
AD 1311 small 300x199 Don’t leave your energy saving measures half finished
There are numerous actions a business can take to reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions. Energy management plays a key role but it’s also important not to overlook the other end of the process – the steps you take before that precious energy even reaches you; that is, the deal you sign up to and the way you manage energy purchasing.

To do this thoroughly and professionally requires a fully integrated energy strategy that includes the energy purchasing cycle.

Unfortunately, this is often overlooked – sometimes because such measures as incorporating energy management products are more tangible, but often because buying energy cost-effectively is complicated.

There are numerous variables, enormous volatility in prices and an endless array of contract options. But while this may be daunting, getting it right can deliver major savings and significant competitive advantages.

The three aspects of buying gas and electricity that make them different from most other products or services you purchase are the timing of the purchase, your company’s appetite for risk and the skills and knowledge needed to get it right.

Timing is crucial because market prices fluctuate quickly and massively. Some changes are foreseeable, such as seasonal demand, while others, such as unrest in the Middle East, can sometimes be totally unforeseen and could send energy prices soaring in hours.

Consequently, you must clearly understand markets and the forces driving them and constantly monitor them to both take advantage of opportunities as they arise and avoid being caught flat-footed.

Different businesses have different appetites for risk and this has a profound influence on energy purchasing. Most contracts are either “fixed term” or “flexible”, the latter giving a degree of control over prices and potentially make savings – but at greater risk.

To find a contract with the right level of risk for your business you need to know the options available.

Skills and knowledge
Finally, if you are responsible for energy procurement you must be familiar with the myriad of different opportunities provided by energy suppliers and negotiate with them to get the best deals.

In all these things, familiarity, experience and industry knowledge are crucial. Energy purchasing has become an increasingly specialist full-time role and an industry of experts has grown up to operate between energy suppliers and business users. Companies like UES Energy constantly monitor market fluctuations and the full spectrum of suppliers’ contracts to help clients find the best options.

Premium airline seating manufacturer Contour Aerospace (now part of Zodiac Aerospace Group), were one company who saw the value in working with energy professionals and following great results from RUMM on their energy management, turned to UES Energy for advice for their energy purchasing.

Finance Director Alison Baker said: “(UES Energy) approach to energy procurement focuses on avoiding unnecessary cost and their advice on the timing of contract placement is backed up with detailed market intelligence. Their quality of service is reassuring and a stark difference to our previous energy broker.”

For more information on how professional energy consultants can help you purchase and manage your energy efficiently and effectively, contact or visit

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